Kia Stinger ARK Performance DT-P Coilovers

$1,849.95 USD Regular price $2,199.00 USD

Kia Stinger ARK Performance DT-P Coilovers

$1,849.95 USDRegular price $2,199.00 USD



  • Presenting the all-new ARK Performance DT-P Coilovers for the KIA Stinger, the best coil-overs ARK has ever made!
  • ARK Performance now uses a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) a high-performance coating applied to the shock shaft to improve the performance and longevity of the coilovers. ARK's DLC coating contains properties of carbon and natural diamond that will create less friction, high hardness, less heat, less fade, and exceptional wear/corrosion resistance.
  • This will improve the overall ride characteristics for a smoother action over bumps and various road conditions compared to standard chrome plated shafts.
  • ARK Performance DT-P monotube coilover systems are fully adjustable with 16 levels of dampening to fit your street or track needs.
  • The DT-P system offers pillow ball top mounts which are more performance oriented and allow for better adjustment of camber.
  • The optional Code Cancelers that are available with the coilovers will eliminate the error codes for Stinger models with the ECS (Electronically Controlled Suspension).
  • ARK's suspension systems are engineered and designed based on knowledge gained from Team ARK Racing motorsports division and Formula Drift experience. 


  • 100% Full Bolt-On System
  • Height adjustable
  • 16 level damping adjustment
  • Spring Rates: 7kg (Front)/10kg (Rear)
  • Linear Shock Piston
  • Shaft with DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)
  • Performance and Street Spec Pillow Ball Mounts
  • Mono-tube shock design to react quicker and operate quietly
  • **Optional Code Canceler available that will eliminate error codes for Stinger models with ECS (Electronically Controlled Suspension)

Vehicle Application:

  • 2018-20121 Kia Stinger (All Models)