Kia Stinger - ATQ Subframe Chassis Collar Kit

$214.95 USD

Kia Stinger - ATQ Subframe Chassis Collar Kit

$214.95 USD


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  • These small aluminum rings make a night & day difference in the way your Kia Stinger feels when doing day to day driving.
  • Used to correct the chassis's basic geometry by filling the gap between the subframe bolts, subframe, and the cars chassis bolt holes. 
  • The vehicles engine, transmission, suspension, and the uni-body are mounted on the subframe and when installed, these work by correcting the geometry setup.
  • By eliminating the gap, vibration through the chassis is greatly reduced improving driver feedback & handling, as well as helping to prevent frequent alignments.
  • These will help to protect & prolong the vehicles undercarriage parts lifespan, while also alleviating rear end wheel skip & shimmy over rough terrain.


Vehicle Applications:

  • 2018-2019 Kia Stinger (3.3T Models)


Included in the kit:

  • (10) Aluminum Subframe Chassis Collars
  • (4) Custom Machined OEM Grade-10 Subframe Bolts


Additional Info:

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