2018-2023 Kia Stinger - K8SS Elite Sport Ceramic Brake Pads

$249.95 USD

2018-2023 Kia Stinger - K8SS Elite Sport Ceramic Brake Pads

$249.95 USD


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  • Have you experienced some negative effects from your factory brake pads? Many Stinger owners have had issues such as excessive shaking, vibrations, & a pulsing brake feeling under the brake pedal when equipped with the factory brake pads. A common misconception is that the undesirable brake responses are coming from issues with the rotors... it is not. The issue stems from the factory brake pads. If you replace your pads & rotors with the same ones, you'll undoubtedly run into the same issues once again

  • Here at the K8 Stinger Store, we were sick & tired of dealing with poor-quality factory brake pads on our own Kia Stinger. So, we set out to bring the best brake pads to the market. Our K8SS Elite Sport Ceramic Pads eliminate the factory pad issue & provide a much better braking & driving experience

  • These pads are long-lasting & high-performing, & designed specifically for the Kia Stinger 3.3T models equipped with factory Brembo Brakes. The compound used in these pads is formulated for low dust & exceptional heat dissipation, without excessive noise. Our brake pads are some of the best pads you can find for your  Stinger & we offer them for a fraction of the cost of the competition


  • Low dust ceramic formula
  • Fast & easy break-in process
  • High-temperature fade resistant
  • Eliminates brake shaking & vibrating
  • Significant improvement in stopping over OEM pads
  • Available as sets for the front, rear, or both
  • These pads are a 100% direct 1:1 replacement for the factory OEM pads that come from Kia, requiring no modifications at all
  • Brake Pads - Bedding process: (FOUND HERE)

Vehicle Application:

  • 2018-2023 Kia Stinger (3.3T Models with BREMBO BRAKES ONLY)

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